Latest Job Openings at GS Engineering & Construction

Latest Job Openings at GS Engineering & Construction

GS Engineering, Inc. is an agile small business focused on design and analysis services, product development, instrumented field testing, and technology insertion. Specific areas of expertise include development and optimization of lightweight structures, correlation of analysis and simulation to test data, and systems integration for ground vehicles and aircraft.Incorporated by Glen Simula in 2001 and the inaugural spin-off company under Michigan Technological University’s Smart Zone program, GS Engineering was founded with the purpose of applying advanced technology developed during his 19 years at the Keweenaw Research Center (Michigan Technological University), to solve engineering problems primarily focused on military and commercial vehicles.

Today, GS Engineering employs over 60 people from mechanical and electrical engineers, to engineering interns and a full test support group. The collective team background encompasses professional expertise in diverse fields: Military Vehicles, Professional Motorsports, Commercial Trucks & Chassis, Consumer Automotive, Aerospace, Off-highway Construction Equipment, and High-Volume Manufacturing.

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