Nurse Practitioner Jobs

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Nurse Practitioner : Nurse practitioners are healthcare professionals educated and trained to provide health promotion and maintenance through the diagnosis and treatment of acute illness and chronic conditions. According to the International Council of Nurses, an advanced practice registered nurse (APRN) is “a registered nurse who has acquired the expert knowledge base, complex decision-making skills and clinical competencies for expanded practice, the characteristics of which are shaped by the context and/or country in which s/he is credentialed to practice. A master’s degree is recommended for entry level.”

Nurse practitioners (NPs) manage acute and chronic medical conditions, both physical and mental, through history and physical exam and the ordering of diagnostic tests and medical treatments. NPs are qualified to diagnose medical problems, order treatments, perform some procedures, prescribe medications, and make referrals for a wide range of acute and chronic medical conditions within their scope of practice which is defined depending on the state. Nurse Practitioners have become an integral part of the medical and health care system, due to the combination of experience and expertise they bring with them. Work experience as a nurse gives them a special approach in providing patient care, while their advanced studies provide the expertise and capability to carry on tasks otherwise assigned to administrators, as they take intense courses on leadership, health care policy, and lobbying. NPs work in hospitals, private offices, clinics, and nursing homes/long term care facilities. Some nurse practitioners contract out their services for private duty and may also work for private agencies that provide medical staffing to clinics or hospitals called locum tenens.

Nurse Practitioner Jobs

Dermatology Nurse  Khalifa, Abu Dhabi  

Dermatology Nurse  Khalidiya, Abu Dhabi

Advanced Practice (Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assista…  

Dermatology Nurse  Downtown Dubai

Dermatology Nurse  Al Ain  

Dermatology Nurse Shakhbout

General practitioner

Dermatology Nurse  Jumeirah, Dubai  

General Practitioner  

Clinical Psychologist – Counselor  

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