Latest Job Opportunities at Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT) – UAE

Latest Job Opportunities at Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT) – UAE
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The Higher Colleges of Technology  was established in 1988 as one of the largest institutions of higher learning in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). During the 2015–2016 academic year, there were 14,829 female and 8,644 male students enrolled at 17 campuses throughout the country. More than 55,000 UAE nationals are graduates of the institution.The HCT provides post-secondary education in Business, Education, Engineering Technology, Computer & Information Science, Applied Communications and Health Sciences. English is used as the medium of instruction, with faculty recruited from around the world.

The HCT has formal alliances with a number of international tertiary education and training institutions, and corporate partnerships with local and multinational companies. Some programs have international accreditation: for example, the HCT’s Bachelor of Education degree was developed with, and is certified by the University of Melbourne.

Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT) Has Announced Its New Job Vacancies In UAE. The Vacant Job Posts Are Mentioned Below. You Can Apply For The Jobs By Clicking On The Below Links.

Adjunct Faculty, Aviation Engineering

Adjunct Faculty, Chemical Engineering

Adjunct Faculty, Civil Engineering

Adjunct Faculty, Computer Information Science

Adjunct Faculty, Electrical / Electronics Engineering

Adjunct Faculty, Maritime & Naval Architecture Engineering

Adjunct Faculty, Mechanical / Mechatronics Engineering

Adjunct Faculty, Natural Sciences (Math / Physics / Chemistry)

Administrative Officer (Computer Information Science) 

Assistant Manager, Quality Assurance (CISAC Division)

Associate Executive Dean – Education

Associate Executive Dean, Business

Clinical Instructor

Director – Product Management

Faculty – Arabic & Emirati Studies (CERT)

Faculty – Aviation Operations (CERT)

Faculty – Engineering Technology & Science (CERT)

Faculty – English (CERT)

Faculty – Health Sciences (Paramedic)

Faculty – Health Sciences (Veterinary Medicine)

Faculty, Applied Media

Faculty, Aviation Maintenance Engineering Technology & Science

Faculty, Business

Faculty, Civil Engineering Technology & Science (Transportation)

Faculty, Computer Information Science

Faculty, Electrical / Electronics Engineering Technology & Science

Faculty, Health Sciences (Health Information Management)

Faculty, Health Sciences (Medical Imaging)

Faculty, Industrial Engineering Technology & Science

Faculty, Math & Natural Science (Math)

Faculty, Math & Natural Science (Physics)

Faculty, Mechanical / Mechatronics Engineering Technology & Science

Faculty- Education

Lab Assistant, Applied Media

Lab Assistant, Computer Information Science 

Lab Instructor, Computer Information Science 

Manager – Quality Assurance

Manager, Student Careers and Work Placement

Manager, Student Life (Sharjah, Abu Dhabi & Ruwais) 

Officer – Facilities

Senior Manager – Facilities Operations 

Senior Manager – General Services and Projects 

Senior Manager – Innovation Spaces

Senior Manager – Maintenance and Engineering 

Senior Manager, Academic Services and Advising

Senior Manager, Accounting

Senior Manager, Institutional Performance

Senior Officer, Academic Services 

Senior Officer, Labs and Workshops

Senior Officer, Student Life 

Senior Specialist – Assessment

Senior Specialist – Institutional Accreditation

Senior Specialist, Assessment (Computer Information Science Division)

Senior Specialist, Career Coaching

Senior Specialist, Counsellor

Senior Specialist, Division Learning Resources (CISAC Division)

Senior Specialist, Student Careers 

Specialist – Data

Specialist – Work Placement and Internships

Specialist, Scheduling and Exams

Specialist, Student Life 

Temp- Specialist – Learning and Development

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