Atkins Careers


Atkins Careers

Atkins is a British multinational building, design, orchestrating, assignment organization and advising organizations association headquartered in Epsom, United Kingdom. It was set up in 1938 by Sir William Atkins. The first association, WS Atkins and Partners, was made by the late Sir William Atkins in 1938 with work puts in Westminster in London. In its underlying years the practice had useful involvement in like manner and basic building arrangement work yet extended rapidly after World War II into star organizations around the neighborhood, outlining sciences, development displaying and undertaking organization Oil and Gas Jobs in UAE.

Atkins Is One Of The World’s Most Respected Design, Engineering And Project Management Consultancies. We Build Long-Term Trusted Partnerships To Create A World Where Lives Are Enriched Through The Implementation Of Our Ideas.

Atkins Careers (Last Updated on 6th February 2018)

Project Controls Manager

Client Sales Aviation Consultant

Civil / Structural Specialist

Electrical Specialist

Piping Specialist

Interface Manager

Quantity Surveyor

Project Manager

Program Director

Project Office Support and Operations Supervisor